Amber A. Díaz Pearson
Kenan Institute for Ethics
Duke University
102 West Duke Building
Box 90432
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My Interests

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I am a Research Scholar at the Kenan Institute for Ethics. I work on research and programming with the Rethinking Regulation Program and the Religions and Public Life Initiative at Kenan, conduct survey research and analysis for the Education for Civic and Moral Responsibility project, and coordinate the Kenan Practitioner in Residence program. Previously, I was a Postdoctoral Fellow in Human Rights at Kenan where I taught international law and refugee policy for DukeImmerse: Uprooted/Rerouted, serving as the DukeImmerse Field Director in Nepal. My research interests include international ethics, public opinion, and experimental, qualitative, and multimethod research tools.

My dissertation, "Bumbling, Bluffing, and Bald-Faced Lies: Mis-Leading and Domestic Audience Costs in International Relations," builds on the IR literature on domestic audience costs using the political psychology and moral philosophy literature on truth-telling and deception. Through historical case studies and a survey-based experiment, my research findings were that the American public responds with disapproval when it perceives that the president has used deception in justifying military action.