Membership in CSST

Due to increased interest and recent new developments in research on the Shroud of Turin and related Relics, the Board of Directors of the Council for Study of the Shroud of Turin (CSST) is pleased to announce its acceptance of Associate Members. CSST is a tax-exempt, nonprofit corporation located in Durham, NC. Our Mission is to study, research, and publish the findings from the Shroud of Turin and related Relics of the Passion; and to disseminate this knowledge and promote general awareness. Associate Members will be apprised from time to time of new developments concerning the Shroud of Turin and CSST. Various items of interest concerning international Shroud studies are currently available. All contributions will be judiciously utilized in the crucial continuing support and research efforts of CSST. Contributions to CSST are tax deductible.

A person who desires to follow, support and/or participate in the study and progress of CSST may now do so by joining as an Associate Member. This non-transferable membership is subject to approval by the Board of Directors of CSST. Also, an Associate Membership carries no voting rights and is in a supportive position only. One may join as an Associate Member of CSST in one of the following categories:

Friend             $25.00 & up     Card, brochure, 
                                   photo and newsletter.
Council            100.00 & up     above, plus reprints, 
                                   photos (4), and video*.
Director's Circle  500.00 & up     above, plus photos (14), 
                                   annual report.
Chairman's Circle  1000.00 & up    above, plus private 
                                   presentation for personal 
Benefactor         10,000.00 & up  Private arrangement.
Volunteer          Service         Varies.

*A short video segment which aired on Dr. D. James Kennedy's 1994 Easter program depicts some of the Whanger's remarkable research. Other research documentary tapes (technical) are also available for nominal cost (not tax-deductible)--For more information, please contact CSST.

**Certain restrictions apply.

To join CSST, please provide the following requested information:

Name: ___________________________________________
Address: ________________________________________

City/State/Zip: _________________________________

Phone/Fax: P(___)_____________F(___) ____________
Occupation: _____________________________________
Willing to volunteer?: __________________________

Specialty or area of expertise?: ________________

Check desired level of membership:               
______Friend ($25.00 min.)
______Council (100.00 min.)
______Director's Circle (500.00 min.)
______Chairman's Circle (1000.00 min.)        
______Benefactor (10,000.00 +)
______Volunteer (Service)    
Date: ___________________________________________
Total Contribution: $____________________________

Thank you for your interest and support. Please make checks payable to CSST (a receipt will be provided) and mail to:

Council for Study of the Shroud of Turin (CSST)
P.O. Box 3190
Durham, North Carolina 27715-3190 USA

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