The Shroud of Turin: An Adventure of Discovery

"Thank you very much . . . for sharing with me all of your discoveries of the Shroud of Turin. I am grateful to God and to you for the sacrifices you have made . . . to bring others to a deeper faith through the Shroud. I ask God to bless the work you are doing."
--Mother Teresa
Calcutta, India, 1994

For centuries the Shroud of Turin has been an unfathomable mystery. Called by some the Holy Shroud, it is an ancient piece of linen fourteen feet three inches long by three feet seven inches wide which bears many images, the most noticeable of which are the front and back of a crucified man. It has been housed in the Cathedral of St. John the Baptist in Turin, Italy, since 1578, and may well be the most intensively studied single object in history.

Mary and Alan Whanger began their study of the Shroud after seeing a photograph of the Shroud face in 1977. They had no preconceptions about its authenticity, but she with a degree in Religion from Duke University and he as Professor at Duke University Medical Center, although in unknown territory, conducted their research into the Shroud scientifically and with painstaking thoroughness and dedication.

The story of their research is a compelling adventure story of unimagined discoveries. Never-seen-before images--coins and flowers, phylacteries and amulets, nails, spear, dice, and more--reveal their presence and provide evidence as to how and when the images were formed through the use of the Polarized Image Overlay Technique, invented by Dr. Whanger.

Overcoming their natural Protestant skepticism towards religious relics, the Whangers grew to believe in the authenticity of the Shroud of Turin. "We feel that the evidence is solid, if not always easy to see. The story of the progressive unfolding of the finding of these images and evidences is the subject of this book and the adventure which we now invite you to share."

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