Music 170s, Summer II, 2006

Exoticism to Multiculturalism:

Music and Culture in the Twentieth-Century



Our central question

How has contact with the rest of the world changed the culture of the West?
    Is it used as “otherâ€� (the Orient, exotic, a place for the forbidden)?
    To renew our culture (the purity of the native??)?

��� To create a new hybrid?
    As intrinsic to new ways of thinking in our culture (has it changed us)?
    Where in a continuum from Exoticism to Multiculturalism do the attitudes exemplified in this music fall?

Class reports and discussion of readings (20%)

There are several kinds of readings:

Individual reading assignments:� at least two per week;

Selected from lists available in Blackboard for each class

Give an abstract of the content, using the five questions listed below.� Summarize and select some examples¿½ do not give us a run through of the article.

Materials on reserve in Perkins:
Articles about the music and issues of this course
Primary sources – writing of people who created the music

Blackboard has links to
Biographies of some composers – read these so I won’t need to cover them in class
Outlines of history and art of the period

Quizzes (10%)

Weekly 5-10-minute quizzes identifying music from the assigned listening list, including full name of composer, title and movement (if any) of work and date

Oral Presentation (20%)

A presentation on music or art related to music of the twentieth century.
Outline notes of presentation, answers to the Five Questions, and bibliography to be turned in.
Your presentation should contribute to the central questions of this course. Use the five questions (below) as a framework for your study.

Weekly Writing and responses(50%)-see separate page for details 

 As a paradigm for analytical thinking, we will use these five questions:

What is the question being asked? Why did the author write?

What are the concepts in terms of which the question is asked? What assumptions are being used?

What are the procedures being used to answer the question? What is the method? How does the author proceed

What conclusions are reached? What answer does the author give?

What is the relevance of the question? Why does it matter? So what?




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