Matei Calinescu, Five Faces of Modernity: Modernism, Avant-Garde, Decadence, Kitsch, Postmodernism. Durham: Duke University Press, 1987. 395p.


Qualities- Reasons

A Kitsch view of contemporary musical culture

Masterpieces of the past Art music since 1900 Audience Art demands effort and seriousness (Richard Egenter) (260)
Distinction between genuine art and mass culture (240-41) Adorno - notion of culture industry "supplying the (pseudo) cultural market with products specifically designed to induce _relaxation_." Romanticism is first important popular literary and artistic (237-38) movement Democracy encourages commercialism in literature and the arts


Kitsch and Modernity
Kitsch, Camp, and High Art
Etymology, Contexts of Usage, and the "Law of Aesthetic Inadequacy"
Kitsch and Romanticism
Bad Taste, Ideology, and Hedonism
Some Stylistic Considerations
Kitsch and Cultural Industrialization
The "Kitsch-Man"
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