Matei Calinescu, Five Faces of Modernity: Modernism, Avant-Garde, Decadence, Kitsch, Postmodernism. Durham: Duke University Press, 1987. 395p.


Kitsch and Modernity (225)

1917 - unfinished play "Kitsch" - Wededkind = "Kitsch is the contemporary form of the Gothic , Rcoco, Baroque" Harold Rosenberg, late 50s - "Kitsch has captured all the arts Kitsch = typical product of modernity Toqueville in Democracy in America Veblen, Theory of the Leisure Class (1899) (227) Kitsch provides spurious dreaminess and easy catharsis
Adorno (228) Kitsch includes imitation, forgery, counterfeit, aesthetics of deception and self-deception
Kitsch = specifically aesthetic form of lying


Kitsch and Modernity
Kitsch, Camp, and High Art
Etymology, Contexts of Usage, and the "Law of Aesthetic Inadequacy"
Kitsch and Romanticism
Bad Taste, Ideology, and Hedonism
Some Stylistic Considerations
Kitsch and Cultural Industrialization
The "Kitsch-Man"
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