Since you are often choosing your reading from the list, please submit a one-page list of what youíve read each time you submit your journal.Donít bother with full bibliographic references, those are in the course assignments.Just give author, year if thereís question, and pages.


Some of the material gets technical about music.Generally that wonít be in the reading everyone does.If it is technical, you won't be able to evaluate - or experience - those examples, but you should be able to grasp the point that is being made - what does this prove for the author?





This is a summer course so it goes more than double time.I'm going to make the assignments less than double time for sanity.


I believe that your writing will be more significantly related to course material if it consists of shorter writing more often.This writing is like a journal.Twice a week you submit a two-page informal journal entry in response to the readings and material presented in class.


These entries should not take the form of a mini-paper.They should not display a traditional beginning,†† middle, and end.They should not propose a thesis and support it thoroughly and in an orderly manner.Above all, they should not condescend to the material or sound like a book report.instead, they should represent your struggle with the material.You should write about what you do not understand, or about what you half-understand, or how this material might connect to previous material.You can spend the whole two pages on one point or start anew every other paragraph.You can problematize or extend or complexify or reduce--anything as long as you struggle.


Two pages is two pages plus one sentence on the next page.Bring three copies.One for me and one for each of your other group members.


Somtimes I will suggest problems to consider, sometimes you'll have free choice.But over the semester you should distribute your work at least one of your journals is on each of the five units.


Two days after receiving the journals of your group you submit a two-page engagement/response for each of the two-page journals you received.†† This should be a dialogue wth each other.Bring a copy for me and one for each other member of your group.


I will not give comments or grade on individual writing, but your writing will be 25% of your grade and your responses will be another 25% of your grade.


Grading will be as follows:

(1)If you produce a sufficient quantity of prose twice a week in the manner requested, it will be hard for you to get below a B-.

(2)If, in addition to (1) above, you are engaged, you struggle, you open up, and you deal with the difficult, it will be hard for you to get below a B.

(3)If, in addition to (1) and (2) above, you demonstrate significant improvement from the beginning of the semester to its end, it will be hard for you to get below a B+,.