Introduction:  Exoticism and Western Music's "Other"   Class Notes 

Edward W. Said. Orientalism, "II.  Imaginative Geography and Its Representations:  Orientalizing the Orinetal, pp. 49-73
Jonathan Bellman, ed. The Exotic in Western Music,  Introduction, ix-xiii 
Georgina Born and David Hesmondhalgh, eds. Western Music and Its Others, 59-63


How we have used the rest of the world  in art music without understanding it. 
7/1-2 Outsiders in the West - ClassNotes  Class Notes
Pyramids:  Chapter 1, 13-32 
Exotic:  Ralph P. Locke, “Cutthroats and Casbah Dancers,” 132-36 
Others:  "Introduction,"  8 (3-11). 
Bizet, Carmen
(Exotic:  James Parakilas, “How Spain Got a Soul,” 137-39, 147, 160-61, 164-66, 172-73,  188-93.)
Puccini, Madama Butterfly
7/3 Paris  Class Notes
1900-1920 - The Twentieth Century -M Mo R R RAH AH R R
(Exotic:  Mervyn Cooke, “’The East in the West’:  Evocations of the Gamelan in Western Music,” 258-64)
MUSIC:  Ginada, Music in Bali
MUSIC:  Gamelan Salunding, Tenganan 
Biography , WebPageS S Mo
MUSIC:  Images, Book II, "Et la lune descend sur le temple qui fut" (1907) 
MUSIC:  Trois Nocturnes, "Nuages" (1899) 
Others:  “Introduction,” 12-21 - only if you have enough musical background 
Stravinsky  Class Notes
Biography , WebPage - R (and Picasso) R AH WM 
MUSIC:  Le Sacre du printemps,"  "Danse des adolescentes " (1912) 
MUSIC:  L'Histoire du soldat, "Trois dances,"  Tango, Waltz, Ragtime (1918) 
Pyramids:    Chapter 3, 63-73, 80-83
Stretch,   82.    Darius Milhaud:  "A European Composer Looks at Jazz:"   from Notes without Music    (1953), 357-58