I am Anh Le, a PhD candidate in Political Economy at Duke University. My work focuses on studying the political economy of development and authoritarianism, using various quantitative methods.


  • Conflict prediction using Bayesian model selection and boosted classification tree to construct models from 500 variables. Preliminary results show my model beating Lockheed Martin’s benchmark (ICEWS project).

  • Data visualization blog.

  • Teaching Assistant webapp for the R lab that I taught. This Rails app automates deadline announcement, homework submission, and grading (by randomly assigning students to cross-grade). This allows students to see others’ code and learn the material better. The site is live here, but sign-in is required to view students’ data.

  • Scrape Craig’s list RSS feed and update the results in a database. My wife was looking to buy a car on Craig’s list, so I wrote these scripts to automate the process.