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Praise and Worship PowerPoint Lyric Library

Welcome! This is just a simple site to provide you with what I hope will be a valuable tool. I’ve worked for a few years to create a PowerPoint that has the lyrics to many popular praise and worship songs to help in musical worship. For me, this is a way of keeping up with slides I make so I don’t have to constantly remake them. I’m providing it on the web to save you time too! I hope you’ll find the presentation and this website useful. And please let me know if you have questions, suggestions, complaints, requests, or problems—let me help! Check out this page to learn more about using the PowerPoint and this page to learn more about customizing it.


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If you have PowerPoint 2007:

V  Download this file. (~2mb)

V  You can insure you have PowerPoint by clicking on the office logo (top right) and then going to “PowerPoint Options.”

Then click on resourcesàAbout.

It should say 2007:


If you have PowerPoint 2003, 2002(XP), or older

V  Download this file. (~16mb)

V  You can see what version of PowerPoint you have by opening PowerPoint and going to HelpàAbout. For instance, you can tell the following version is 2003:


V  Before launching this site, I recreated the PowerPoint in the 2007 version. Some of the features I used aren’t present in older versions. While you can still view the file fine, manipulating it with designs or modifications is harder. I recommend using PowerPoint 2007.


If you don’t have PowerPoint

Do one of the two:

V  Use one of the Adobe Acrobat files: high quality (~200mb) or low quality (~2mb)

U  Ensure you have the free Adobe reader, already installed on most computers and available here.

U  Just like with PowerPoint, you can use the CTRL+F Find feature to find songs

U  You can also show it full screen, similar to PowerPoint, by going to ViewàFull Screen Mode or by hitting CTRL+L:

V  Download the free PowerPoint viewer and use it to view the 2007 version file.

U  Since the viewer only allows you to view a presentation file in the presentation view (full screen) and doesn’t have a search function, you can download the low quality Adobe file and use it to know what slide number to go to. For instance, you search the pdf to find that “Wholly Yours” starts on slide 1102. With the PowerPoint open in the viewer, type “1102” and hit enter to go to that slide.


A note about Copyright: please respect the artists who have written these lyrics. I’m not posting this presentation to profit in any way—hopefully to help those, like me, who end up making the PowerPoint for worship. Please don’t use any of these lyrics, etc for your own gain, but more for the gain—the glory—of God.


Again, please E-mail me if I can help you use this at all or if you have any suggestions. I hope this helps in your or others’ worship of God, removing some of the preparation time.


An alternative: check out or Matt “M@” Campbell’s “Praise and Worship Omnibus” for more PowerPoints! Both of these sites have individual PowerPoint files, so, if you prefer that style, check them out.


In His love,

Benjamin Wolf




Last Updated: November 9, 2008