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"Cross-Sectional Anatomy Tutor"

An instructional CD-ROM for anatomy education and evaluation

Produced by Division of Educational Media Services, Duke University School of Medicine Distributed by Jones & Bartlett Publishers
"Cross-Sectional Anatomy Tutor" presents a structure-by-structure approach to the study of transverse body cryosections, CT and MR images selected from the National Library of Medicine's Visible Human Project data set. Targeted to the first-year medical student, the program may also benefit first-year radiology residents or other allied health students whose training requires interpretation of clinical diagnostic images.
"Cross-Sectional Anatomy Tutor" was presented at the Visible Human Project Conference, October 1996. A demonstration of the application was included in the talk. The program was also demonstrated at the Nineteenth Annual Symposium on Computer Applications in Medical Care (SCAMC) in November 1995 (see re-print) and was a finalist in the International Interactive Communications Society 1995 Summit Awards.

Objectives: The student will be able to identify major anatomical structures on whole body cross-sections, CT images and MR images in the head and neck, thorax, abdomen and pelvis.


  • Orientation to Clinical Imaging
  • Normal Cross-sectional Anatomy
  • Clinical Case Studies
  • On-line Tests


  • A structure-by-structure approach to cross-sectional anatomy
  • Precise outlining of structure boundaries
  • Flexible study modes: tutorial or review
  • An atlas for side-by-side comparison of structures across image types
  • Interactive clinical case studies to reinforce the clinical context of cross-sectional anatomy
  • Built-in practice tests for self-evaluation
  • Built-in final exams for instructor assessment of mastery

    Developers: Marianne Bouvier, PhD, Department of Biological Anthropology and Anatomy, author, assisted by Lapki Chan, PhD, Alex vanNievelt, PhD, Philip Goodman, MD and Jennifer Van Vickle, MD; Ann L. Bushyhead, MEd, Instructional Designer and Coordinator of the Curriculum Materials Development Project, producer; Anthony N. Benson, MA, Multimedia Programmer, programmer. Authoring tool: AimTech's IconAuthor.

    System Requirements: PC only - 486/66 MHz (min.), 16 MB RAM, SVGA Graphics Card w/1 Mb RAM set to High Color Mode (16K, 32K, or 64K colors) at 640x480, 140 Mb hard disk space (or 10 Mb for playback from the CD), Windows 3.x and 2x CD-ROM drive.

    Price and Ordering Information: A Faxable/Electronic Order Form is available through Jones & Bartlett Publishers. A "slide show" demonstration is on the Web.

    Additional Information: To receive a printed informational brochure from Jones & Bartlett Publishers, send email with postal address to info@jbpub.com or call 800-832-0034.

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