The Alice Project, Summer 2013

Duke University

About the Project

My name is Bella. This summer I, along with three other undergraduates, will be working under the direction of Professor Susan Rodger. The goal of the Alice Project is to find ways to better integrate Computer Science into other disciplines in the K-12 curriculum. My particular focus is on developing tutorials and videos to display the intersections between Biology and Computer Science.I also plan to read upwards of thirty Alice research papers this summer (~3 per week). Over the next ten weeks, I hope to become more familiar with Alice, develop effective teaching material, and become more knowledgeable about past and current research being done with Alice.

In order to chronicle my ten-week journey, I will be keeping a blog. I do not know much about html, but I figured this is as good a time as any to learn more about it! Check back every day to see what I am up to!

Check out my daily blog!: The Chronicles of Bella and Alice

Research Papers: You can find the summaries here.