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Center for Neuroengineering is formally established at Duke

Duke Researchers demonstrate the ability to control a robot arm with the brain


Duke University
Center for Neuroengineering

Co-Director Miguel Nicolelis's research in brain machine interfaces has been recognized in MIT's Magazine of Innovation Technology as among the top ten "Emerging Technologies That Will Change the World." .

The Center for Neuroengineering brings together engineers, biologists, physicists, mathematicians, neurologists and psychologists to advance the methodologies for the recording, imaging and analyzing normal and abnormal brain activity. The center brings new capabilities to the community of Neuroscientists on campus but will house state-of-the-art computational and fabrication facilities for developing novel technologies for the brain.

By partnering with existing departments, the Center for Cognitive Neuroscience and the Brain Imaging and Analysis Center and their outstanding faculties and facilities, the Center for Neuroengineering will become the intellectual hub for neuro-based technologies such as neurochips, system-level computational modeling, and in the application of electrophysiological and functional imaging techniques to both monitor and treat neurological diseases.

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updated 06-Feb-2001