Campbell R. Harvey's Hypertextual Finance Glossary


I developed this glossary as a result of teaching Global Financial Management at both Duke University and the University of Chicago. I am indebted to all of my students over the years for suggesting words for the glossary. In addition, I have received numerous suggestions over the Internet. I am in particular indebted to: Harley Adams, Nipun Agarwal, Bill Bane Jr., Carol Bass, Onthida Boonpiamsak, John Bracchini, Michael Bradley, Jeff Chung, Amy Couch, Tiago Elvo, Chris Foster, Andrew Frankel, Leo Gallagher, John Graham, Kathy Hahn, Phillip Hough, Tommy Jacobs, Berkin Kologlu, Jeremy Krasner, Jack Krupansky, Merrill Liechty, Van Menard, Christina Nitz, Peter O'Hara, Patricia Peat, Chris Roetzer, Taylor Rhyne, Murry Spence, Lance Stove, Robert Superty, Jon Walker, David West, Chris Withers, and Jean Yu.

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[Version 8 November 2016.]

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