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In addition to my academic pursuits, I have a number of interests and activities. I am a long-distance runner having completed five marathons and numerous shorter races. Below are links to two stories about my running: one by Randy Young from the Chapel Hill News in 2006 and one by Kathy Davidson from the Duke Magazine in April 2012. I do some creative writing -- there are a couple of links below to short stories I wrote. You can also find a link below to a youtube video of me doing a little standup routine a few years back debunking myths about blind folks. I have two tandem bicycles and rode one from Seattle to Boston in the summer of 2016 with my son, Nathan, at the helm (check out the video link below). I do a little competitive story telling and am an avid swing dancer (Lindy Hopper).

Mid-Line Failures to Close


A Walk in the Dark


Chapel Hill News, Nov 06


Running Together, Apr 12

 A link to a recent podcast episode:

"I don't want to touch peoples' faces" (and other myths about people without sight)

 Here is a video of me telling a story about my cross-country bike ride with my son during the summer of 2016 (contains some profanity):

Winner of the Monti Story Slam, July 2017

 Here is a link to a an article and video about me on Time Warner News in August 2015:

"Dancing Duke Economics Professor Overcomes Challenges"

 The following is a link to a podcast of me telling a story at the Monti Story Slam at Motorco in September 2013 (starts at the 1:30 minute mark):


 And this is a link to a podcast of me and my friend Lalin telling our stories at the Monti Story Slam in August 2012:


 This is a video of me opening the Mr. Diplomat show at the DSI Comedy Club in Carrboro, dispelling myths about "blinks" (blind folk):




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