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Thanks for stopping by my site. In addition to my academic pursuits, I have a number of interests and activities. I am a long-distance runner having completed five marathons and numerous shorter races. My marathon PR was set at Richmond in 2005 when I ran 3:17:21. Below are links to two stories about my running: one by Randy Young from the Chapel Hill News in 2006 and one by Kathy Davidson from the Duke Magazine in April 2012. I am a huge music fan (live or recorded) and even play drums and a little guitar myself. I enjoy cooking and am a terrible beer snob! I do some creative writing -- there is a link below to a story I wrote about a crazy experience I had some years back walking across the campus of Texas A&M University at night. You can also find a link below to a youtube video of me doing a little standup routine debunking myths about blind folks. My two newest passions are cycling ("Old runners never die -- they just become bikers!") and swing dancing. I purchased a racing tandem last year and love speeding down the hills around town on it (on the back seat). I've been dancing fairly seriously since July 2010, but Lindy Hop is apparently something one never stops learning...

 Cheers, Curtis

Mid-Line Failures to Close


A Walk in the Dark


Chapel Hill News, Nov 06


Running Together, Apr 12

 Here is a video of me telling a story about my cross-country bike ride with my son during the summer of 2016 (contains some profanity):

Winner of the Monti Story Slam, July 2017

 Here is a link to a an article and video about me on Time Warner News in August 2015:

"Dancing Duke Economics Professor Overcomes Challenges"

 The following is a link to a podcast of me telling a story at the Monti Story Slam at Motorco in September 2013 (starts at the 1:30 minute mark):


 And this is a link to a podcast of me and my friend Lalin telling our stories at the Monti Story Slam in August 2012:


 This is a video of me opening the Mr. Diplomat show at the DSI Comedy Club in Carrboro, dispelling myths about "blinks" (blind folk):




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