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Recent Works


Advice Is Cheap: Information Is Not! with Samuel Hafner


The Economics of Privacy, with Alessandro Acquisti and Liad Wagman


Selloffs, Bailouts, and Feedback: Can Asset Markets Inform Policy? with Raphael Boleslavsky and David L. Kelly


On Breakthroughs, Deadlines, and the Nature of Progress: Contracting for Multistage Projects, with Brett Green


Subjective Performance and the Value of Blind Evaluation, with Huseyin Yildirim (Old version (2006), Slides)


Public Information and Electoral Bias, with Huseyin Yildirim


Information Acquisition in Competitive Markets: An Application to the US Mortgage Market, with Jeremy Burke and Liad Wagman


Stairway to Heaven or Highway to Hell: Liquidity, Sweat Equity, and the Uncertain Path to Ownership, with R. Vijay Krishna and Pino Lopomo


Hide and Seek: Costly Consumer Privacy in a Market with Repeat Purchases, with Vincent Conitzer and Liad Wagman



Selected Publications


"Consumer Privacy and the Market for Customer Information," RAND Journal of Economics, Winter 2004, 35, 631--51.

Supplier Surfing: Competition and Consumer Behavior in Subscription Markets," Rand Journal of Economics, Summer 2003, 34, 223--46.

"Local Discouragement and Global Collapse: A Theory of Coordination Avalanches" (with Thomas D. Jeitschko), American Economic Review, March 2001, 91, 208--24.

"Time-on-the-Market as a Sign of Quality," Review of Economic Studies, July 1999, 66, 555--78.

"Competition or Compensation: Supplier Incentives under the American and Japanese Subcontracting Systems" (with Steven N. Wiggins), American Economic Review, September 1997, 87, 598--618.

"Digging for Golden Carrots:  An Analysis of Research Tournaments," American Economic Review, September 1995, 85, 872--890.

"The Long Side of the Market and the Short End of the Stick: Bargaining Power in Buyers', Sellers', and Balanced Markets,'' Quarterly Journal of Economics, August 1995, 110, 837--855.

"The Economics of Breakdowns, Checkups, and Cures," Journal of Political Economy, February  1995, 103, 53--74.


Other Publications


A list of my publications can be found in my CV.




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