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Recent Works


On Young Turks and Yes Men: Optimal Contracting for Advice with Samuel Hafner


Make It Till You Fake It with Raphael Boleslavsky


Communities, Co-ops, and Clubs: Social Capital and Incentives in Large Collective Organizations, with Joshua Jacobs and Aaron Kolb



Selected Publications


"Selloffs, Bailouts, and Feedback: Can Asset Markets Inform Policy?" (with Raphael Boleslavsky and David L. Kelly), Journal of Economic Theory, 2017, 169, 294--343.

"Breakthroughs, Deadlines, and Self-Reported Progress: Contracting for Multi-Stage Projects" (with Brett Green), American Economic Review, December 2016, 106, 3660--99.

"The Economics of Privacy" (with Alessandro Acquisti and Liad Wagman), Journal of Economic Literature, June 2016, 54, 442--92.

"Information Acquisition in Competitive Markets: An Application to the US Mortgage Market" (with Jeremy Burke and Liad Wagman), American Economic Journal: Microeconomics, November 2012, 4, 65--106.

"Subjective Performance and the Value of Blind Evaluation" (with Huseyin Yildirim), Review of Economic Studies, April 2011, 78, 762--94.

"Consumer Privacy and the Market for Customer Information," RAND Journal of Economics, Winter 2004, 35, 631--51.

"Supplier Surfing: Competition and Consumer Behavior in Subscription Markets," Rand Journal of Economics, Summer 2003, 34, 223--46.

"Local Discouragement and Global Collapse: A Theory of Coordination Avalanches" (with Thomas D. Jeitschko), American Economic Review, March 2001, 91, 208--24.

"Time-on-the-Market as a Sign of Quality," Review of Economic Studies, July 1999, 66, 555--78.

"Competition or Compensation: Supplier Incentives under the American and Japanese Subcontracting Systems" (with Steven N. Wiggins), American Economic Review, September 1997, 87, 598--618.

"Digging for Golden Carrots:  An Analysis of Research Tournaments," American Economic Review, September 1995, 85, 872--890.

"The Long Side of the Market and the Short End of the Stick: Bargaining Power in Buyers', Sellers', and Balanced Markets,'' Quarterly Journal of Economics, August 1995, 110, 837--855.

"The Economics of Breakdowns, Checkups, and Cures," Journal of Political Economy, February  1995, 103, 53--74.


Other Publications


A list of my publications can be found in my CV.




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