Appalachian Indigo-bush (Amorpha glabra)

Plantae>Magnoliophyta>Magnoliopsida>Fabales>Fabaceae>Amorpha glabra Desfontaines ex Poiret

Appalachian Indigo-bush is an uncommon to rare shrub that grows in the western mountain region of North Carolina. Similar to the more common and widespread Tall Indigo-bush (Amorpha fruticosa), Appalachian Indigo-bush has waxy-smooth leaves and branches.

Madison Co., NC 5/11/08.

Leaf detail.

Haywood Co., NC 5/10/08.

Other common names include Mountain False Indigo and Mountain Indigo.

Haywood Co., NC 5/10/08.

The tiny flowers have purplish petals.

Haywood Co., NC 5/10/08.

Bark detail.

Haywood Co., NC 5/10/08.

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