I very much enjoy working with students, and have had the privilege of working with many excellent ones. Here I provide a list of current and past students I have advised or on whose dissertation committees I have served. If you are interested in working with me, in addition to checking out the work here to assess fit, you may also want to contact some of my former students to get their assessments of me as an advisor.

Ph.D. Advisor
Margaret Foster (4th year) Christine Mele (2013)
Katie Webster (4th year)
Carlisle Rainey (2013)

Ph.D. Committee Member
Asli Cansunar (Duke) Sophie Lee (2017)
Noa Cnaan-On (Duke) Max Gallop (2015)
Matt Dickenson (Duke) Ammar Shamaileh (2015)
Chelsea Estancona (UNC) Marius Radean (2013)
Daniel Gustafson (UNC) Daniel Hill (2012)
Xiaoli Guo (FSU) Nate Lee (2012)
Howard Liu (Duke) Daniel Milton (2012)
Tusi (Ündes) Wen (Duke) Sunhee Park (2012)

Justin Conrad (2011)

Robert Parillo (2009)

Undergraduate Advisor
Danielle Ives (senior) Nick Johnston (2017)

Julia Janco (2015)

Michael Brandow (2008)

Wesley Yeary (2007)