I work in Daniel Lew's lab, and will update this section later.

First Year Rotations

Vikas Bhandawat: In fruit flies, descending neurons are brain cells that send information past the thorax to enable limb movement. My project was aimed at identifying these neurons via surgery and immunostaining.

Daniel Lew : Budding yeast polarize and concentrate several proteins at the site they are about to bud from. This conglomeration of proteins is called a polarity patch, and its formation can be modelled using reaction-diffusion equations. I simulated mass-conserved reaction-diffusion systems to suggest ways for a yeast cell to possess multiple polarity patches.

David McClay / Joshua Socolar : In sea urchins, several morphogens diffuse and interact to establish the ciliary band, which separates the dorsal and ventral halves of the embryo. I developed and simulated a reaction-diffusion model using the morphogens Nodal, Lefty, Chordin, and BMP to see how they influence pattern formation in the embryo. The reaction diffusion model was simulated in one dimension and, subsequently, on a spherical surface.


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