Economics 463

Fall 2015 Assignments

This is a preliminary version; check frequently for updates. Below F denotes Law's Order (Friedman), G denotes Game Theory and the Law (Baird, Gertner and Picker) and H denotes a pdf handout under Handouts on this web site. Problems are available under Problems as pdf files. The final exam for this class is scheduled for Tuesday, December 8 from 7pm until 10pm in our regular classroom. No classes are scheduled for September 8 and 10 (instructor will be out of town), October 13 (fall break) and November 26 (Thanksgiving).

Introduction. F 1-5, Epilog; G Conclusion

Expected Utility. F 6-9

Dominant Strategy and Nash Equilibria. F Intermezzo; G Introduction, 1

Subgame Perfect Equilibria. F 10-12; G 2;

Bayesian Equilibria. F 13; G 3

Assessment Equilibria. F 14; G 4

Presentations. F 15