Economics 463

Fall 2014 Assignments

This is a preliminary version; check frequently for updates. Below F denotes Law's Order (Friedman), G denotes Game Theory and the Law (Baird, Gertner and Picker) and H denotes a handout from Problems will be posted on the web site as pdf files. The final exam for this class is scheduled for Saturday, December 13 from 7pm until 10pm. No classes are scheduled for September 16 and 18 (instructor will be out of town), October 14 (fall break) and November 27 (Thanksgiving).

Introduction. F 1-5

Expected Utility. F 6-9

Dominant Strategy and Nash Equilibria. F Intermezzo; G Introduction, 1

Subgame Perfect Equilibria. F 10-11; G 2;

Perfect Bayesian Equilibria. F 12-13; G 3

Assessment Equilibria. F 14; G 4

Odds and Ends. F 15-Epilog, G 5-8