Wells Fargo Corporate Valuation Competition
Fall 2018


Deadline for Registration for the Wells Fargo competition is 5pm on Friday, September 28th, 2018. See instructions below for how to register.

Competition Description

In this competition, teams of students will use various methodologies to value a hypothetical corporation that is evaluating offers for both strategic and financial purchase.

The Corporate Valuation Competition is open to all Duke Sophomores, who will self-select into teams of three students. Students who are neither Economics majors/minors nor Finance minors are warmly encouraged to participate.

Teams participating in the competition will be provided extensive guidelines to assist in evaluating the hypothetical company, and creating a powerpoint presentation for the Wells Fargo Panel. The creators of the ten best presentations will be invited to make brief presentations to a panel of Wells Fargo representatives. There will then be a reception for all teams that submitted reports. At this time, the winning teams will be announced and prizes awarded.


Summary and Deadlines:

1. The registration deadline is 5pm on Friday, September 28, 2018. To register your team, please complete all of the fields in the form at the bottom of this page, and click the Submit button.

Students who would like to compete but have been unable to find a team are welcome to send an email to Jennifer Valentyn (Subject: Wells Fargo Registration: Single Applicant), including their full name, NetID, graduation year and major (or probable major). We will match up these "stand alone" students into teams of three.

2. Extensive guidelines will be made available on or before Monday, October 1. Please bear in mind that it would be a violation of the Duke Honor Code to receive any outside assistance on either a paid or unpaid basis from finance professionals or advisers.

3. The deadline for submitting a printout of your team's completed Presentation is Friday, October 19 at 12pm (noon).

4. Ten teams selected to present to the Wells Fargo Panel will be notified on or before Wednesday, Oct 24, and will have until Monday, Oct 29 at 12pm (noon) to edit their presentations and submit updated copies based on feedback from the DFE team.

5. The selected teams will present to the Panel of Wells Fargo representatives during the afternoon on Tuesday, Oct 30 in Perkins 218.

6. All registered teams are invited to the Wells Fargo Reception, which will be on Tuesday, Oct 30 from 5:30pm - 7pm [timing to be confirmed] in Perkins 217. At this time, the winning teams will be announced and prizes awarded.

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