Emma Rasiel

Dr. Rasiel completed her PhD in finance at The Fuqua School of Business, Duke University, in 2003. She also received an MBA from the Wharton School of the University of Pennsylvania in 1990, and bachelor's and master's degrees in mathematics from Oxford University. Before beginning her PhD program at Fuqua, Dr Rasiel was an Executive Director in the London office of Goldman Sachs, a leading investment bank, where she traded bond options.

Dr. Rasiel is the Teaching Director of the Duke Financial Economics Center (DFE), which arranges extra-curricular financial education activities for students interested in finance careers, in conjunction with Duke's Career Center and several corporate sponsors. She is the Faculty Director for the Duke in New York: Financial Markets and Institutions, and the Duke in London: Finance programs. She is also the Director of Graduate Studies for the MS in Quantitative Financial Economics, and Director of Admissions for the MA program in Economics.


Selected Publications
The Performance of Alternative Valuation Models in the OTC Currency Options Market (2003) Bollen and Rasiel, Journal of International Money and Finance.

Can Prospect Theory Explain Risk-Seeking Behavior by Terminally Ill Patients? (2005) Rasiel, Weinfurt & Schulman, Medical Decision Making.

A Portfolio Model of Drug Development for Tuberculosis (2006) Glickman, Rasiel, Dukes Hamilton, Kubataev, & Schulman, Science.

Prime & Subprime Mortgage Foreclosure Analysis (2007) Temple & Rasiel, Lazard Investment Research

Index Volatility Futures in Asset Allocation: A Hedging Framework (2008) Jacob & Rasiel, Lazard Investment Research

Considerations of Net Present Value in Policy Making Regarding Diagnostic and Theraputic Technologies (2008) Califf, Rasiel & Schulman, American Heart Journal



Office Information

Office: Soc Sci 329H

Phone: 919 660 1837





Courses Taught
Econ 372 – Intermediate Finance

Econ 368 – Behavioral Finance

Econ 490S – The Goodner Equity Research Project











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