Documentation for The Chronicle


The Student Affairs Indistrial Complex (from NASPA)

A Little Sunlight, Please.... (DUPD readiness)

Cruel and Unusual Punishment (RIAA Subpoenas)

     Guide for protecting yourself from the RIAA (accessible within the Duke network only)

Physician, heal thyself (Duke Students for An Ethical Duke)

The duh... and the what!?! - with source references

Dude, Where are my Rights? (The Coup de Grace) - Conclusion of article series; annotated with source references

Dude, Where are my Rights? (Part Po-Po) - Description of the interaction between the undergraduate judicial system and local law enforcement; annotated with source references

Dude, Where are my Rights? (Part II) - Description of rights formerly afforded students not facing adjudication; annotated with source references

Dude, Where are my Rights? (Part I) - Description of Duke Judicial Code; annotated with source references

Source Documents:

Quotes from DUPD Officers on the Department

Email to DUPD Captains, Lieutenants and Sargeants requiring officers to gain permission before making arrests

Clarification from Director Robert Dean on the policy

North Carolina General Statute 74(g), on the authority of Campus Police Officers, with coments

October 2005 USC Staff Assembly meeting minutes with information on Gloria Graham and USC Public Safety

SMU article on Michael Snellgrove

Email from KC Johnson clarifying various statements made by Duke Students for an Ethical Duke

Interview Notes with Ken Larrey, posted after Larrey's accusation that I was "extraordinarily dishonest in his reporting of my responses."

Commented article The Last Straw, by Ken Larrey

Rough transcript of interview with Stephen Bryan, August 15, 2007; includes clarifying comments (Disclaimer: some minor errors are present because of the quality of the recording and the omission of short, erroneous statements)

Cover letter for 2005-2006 disciplinary statistics

9/13 Herald-Sun article on sweeps by Alcohol Law Enforcement

Response from Judicial Affairs to DSG's request to implement evidentiary standards

Original request from DSG to exclude illegally obtained evidence

Mathematical logic proof that the University's standard of "probable cause" is unfalsifiable

Sample letter sent to an accused student

Archived Judicial Bulletins:

1999-2000 [cited extensively]






2005-2006 [last judicial code with a right to "confront" witnesses]


2007-2008 [cited extensively]