Adventures in Fall 2011: 11/2011 Thanksgiving Road Trip and 9/2011 trip to Yosemite

Road Trip #1 and Road Trip #2 infected me with a complete inability to stay away from the National Parks for any sustained period of time.

My major adventure of the fall was an 11-day jaunt from San Francisco through Death Valley, Vegas/Lake Mead, and the Grand Canyon, culminating in Thanksgiving in Phoenix. I had the extreme good fortune to have my two very close friends, messers Slattery and Ballard, along for the ride. I also made it to Yosemite on the last weekend of the season (9/28), right before school started.

I again used Hugin to produce some spectacular panoramas using the same crappy equipment as before.

Thanksgiving Roadtrip Route:   [Full Google Map]

View SF-> Phoenix #1 in a larger map

Death Valley National Park (11/19/2011)

Golden Canyon 1:

View from Red Rock Cathedral:

Gallery of Random Non-Panoramic Images from Death Valley

Grand Canyon National Park (South Rim, Take II) (11/22/2011)

Grandview Point:

Gallery of Random Non-Panoramic Images from the Grand Canyon

Other Images from Thanksgiving Road Trip:

ALL Panoramas (including Lake Mead and others not above)

Boating on Lake Mead (11/21/2011)

Phoenix Hiking and Drive Home

Yosemite National Park (9/28/2011)

Glacier Point Sunset: (roll the mouse over the gigapan window if image fails to appear)

Upper Yosemite Falls:

MANY Additional Panoramas (with thumbnails) from Yosemite