Update on DSG Actions During Spring 2007

Memo summarizing DSG's activities during the spring 2007 semester


Speech deliered on Martin Luther King Day at Union Baptist Church:
[Text of Speech]
Restructuring of the Student Activity Fee:
[Request to Peter Lange and Jim Roberts] [Response from Larry Moneta]
Delay in construction of West Campus faculty apatments:
[Memo from David Snider]
Young Trustee selection:
[Chronicle article on Young Trustee election]
Evaluation of the funding structure of Auxiliary Services:
[Report from Paul Slattery]
Response to the Campus Culture Initiative:
[Response to several controversial proposals in the CCI] [Chronicle article on undergraduate input to the CCI] [Chronicle article on public meeting with the Provost] [Column from Elliott Wolf on the CCI process]
Extension of funding for the C-5 bus:
[Chronicle article on the extension of C-5 service]
Student Affairs Committee survey on the Office of Student Activities and Facilities:
[Survey questions and results]
Employee recognition and the "Duke Excellence Team":
[Update from Daniel Bowes]
Challenges to evidentiary standards in the office of Judicial Affairs:
[Memo from Elliott Wolf to Stephen Bryan] [Response from Stephen Bryan] [Chronicle article on evidentiary standards]
Pick-a-prof course evaluation system:
[Chronicle article on pick-a-prof]
Changes in E-print policy for fall 2007:
[Chronicle article on e-print policy change approval]
Referendum on the Community Standard:
[Chronicle article on CS referendum]
Referendum on the Student Activity Fee:
[Text of Student Activity Fee referendum]
Rally to keep Coach G:
[Blast email sent to undergraduate and graduate students on the rally] [Chronicle article on rally]
Event Management in OSAF and the Bryan Center:
[Memo from Elliott Wolf]
Resolution regarding technology transfer:
[Resolution passed 4/18]

Update on DSG Actions During Fall 2006

Memo summarizing DSG's activities during the fall 2006 semester and initiatives currently underway


Broad and Perry Stoplight:
[Memo to Mayor Bell] [Herald-Sun Coverage] [Chronicle Coverage]
Fire Safety and the Cameron Front Row:
[One email sent to administrators] [Chronicle Coverage]
[Towerview Coverage]
2006-2007 Tenting Policy:
[Editorial on Length of K-Ville] [Editorial on UNC Restrictions] [Chronicle Coverage] [Daily Tar Heel Coverage] [Herald-Sun Coverage]
Compass Group:
[Memo from DUSDAC]
Campus Culture Initiative:
[Blast Email to Undergraduates] [Student Report on Alcohol Culture]
Interaction with North Carolina Central University:
[Chronicle Coverage] [News and Observer Coverage] [Daily Tar Heel Coverage]
Devil DVD:
[Proposal from the Director of Student Services]
Women's Basketball Promotion:
[Blast Email Advertising USA v. Australia] [Blast Email Advertising Duke v. Texas]
Guests at General Body meetings:
[Meetings and Agendas]
Changes to the Young Trustee Selection Process:
[Chronicle Coverage]
Parking Pick-up and Drop-off Zones:
[Memo from Vice President for Athletics & Campus Services]
Duke Story Project:
[Chronicle Coverage]
Office of Student Activities and Facilities:
[Survey from the Student Affairs Committee]
Nasher Museum Catering Contract:
[Chronicle Coverage]

Update on DSG Actions During Summer 2006

Memo summarizing DSG's summer activities


Letter to administrators regarding student attendance at committee meetings
Letter to Judicial Affairs regarding transparency and communication
WUNC Story on Duke students returning to campus
8/12 Herald-Sun story on community relations
A letter from DSG to the Durham Community (also published in the Herald-Sun)
8/27 Herald-Sun article on Duke/NCCU collaborations
8/12 Durham News story on community relations
7/19 Towerview article on Tailgate
Resolution recommending changes in ACES
Blast email sent to undergraduates on 8/30