I worked at Duke from 1996-2010 and launched the world's first online informatics program. I retired from Duke in 2010 and moved to California where I continue to live, work, and play. I now enjoy my Duke emeritus position as well. For 12 years, I developed and directed an innovative Duke program that promoted high standards of academic scholarship and clinical informatics practice, while permitting busy nurses to pursue master's and post-master's education from almost anywhere on the planet. . My teaching philosophy promotes active learning, self-guided (and online) teamwork, and praxis learning. Find more details at the philosophy link, and find samples of student work and online lectures at the portfolio link.

A summary of my research and publications is provided with my portfolio and CV. Typical of most faculty positions, my academic role supported a mission that includes research, teaching, and service. My research has focused on data mining in search of predictors of preterm birth. My research interests also include patient privacy, health information technology (HIT) evaluation, and transformative health care cultures. I prefer email over telephone tag. My life aside from an academic role pursues music, gardening, stained glass, and quality time with family and friends.

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