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We are pleased to announce the ninth annual conference and professional development workshop of the American Association of Teachers of Korean (AATK), which will be held at Duke University on June 23-26, 2004. The AATK will provide all participants (selected through a prescribed review process) with room and board, and APSI at Duke University will provide a small additional financial support for the workshop organizers. New instructors including graduate teaching assistants are particularly encouraged to apply for participation in the workshop.



Professional Development Workshop

Theme: Addressing psycholinguistic and sociolinguistic dimensions in pedagogy


Proposal: March 1, 2004



Annual Conference

Theme: Bridging language and culture


Abstract: March 1, 2004

Full Paper: May 10, 2004


Notification of Acceptance of All Submissions: March 15, 2004



The first two days (June 23 and 24) will be devoted to the professional development workshop. The workshop will address the multiple dimensions of language teaching and learning from vocabulary expansion to linguistic, socio-linguistic, and cultural knowledge to processing skills enhancement. It purports to deepen the teacher’s understanding of learning processes while dealing with the specifics of teaching and to broaden the use of pedagogy in the teaching of Korean.

Workshop can be organized by an individual or by a group, and their length can be approximately two hours for each panel. We urge the organizer to design the workshop to involve the audience in an active, hands-on, and participatory format.

Those who are interested in giving a workshop should submit a proposal of maximum three pages that includes the following information:

1. Affiliation

2. Teaching experience

3. Current position or status

4. A possible future appointment, if not currently teaching

5. Topic, rationale and purpose (benefits to you or your institution)

The proposal will be reviewed and selected on the basis of (i) relevance of the topic to this year’s theme or needs of the field, (ii) pedagogical soundness, and (iii) attention to audience engagement and participation.



You are invited to submit an abstract (maximum two pages) for a 30-minute presentation on any topic that is related to the enhancement of teaching Korean language, culture or literature. Some of the research areas that were suggested last year are repeated below:

  1. Use of multimedia and technology to teach Korean
  2. How to introduce culture
  3. How to teach Korean through literature
  4. Teaching of vocabulary, reading, writing, grammar, or communicative skills
  5. Korean discourse patterns and how to teach them
  6. Issues in curriculum design
  7. Description of phonological, syntactic, pragmatic, semantic problems and their implications for teaching
  8. Second language acquisition: theory and practice
  9. Incorporating learner needs into teaching


Review of Abstracts/Proposals


The abstracts will be screened by anonymous reviewers. An abstract that merely introduces a particular program, multimedia or otherwise, at his or her institution will not be accepted. Some of the criteria to be followed in reviewing the abstracts are:

  1. Clarity of the statement of the problem or approach discussed.
  2. The soundness of the proposed approach or method, if applicable.
  3. How significant are research findings or tested methods to the teaching of Korean language, culture or literature?
  4. An explicit statement of reason for the choice of a particular problem and the approach adopted to tackle in the classroom.
  5. How closely a demonstration simulates an actual classroom situation.
  6. Whether or not the panel has sufficient number of participants.


Abstracts and Proposals should be submitted via email to:

Dr. Hae-Young Kim at haeyoung@duke.edu

If you have any questions, suggestions, or comments, please direct them to me at Hye-Sook_Wang@brown.edu or any other member of the 2004 Planning Committee.

Hye-Sook Wang


On behalf of the Planning Committee

Andrew S. Byon abyon@albany.edu

Eun Joo Kim kim.288@osu.edu

Hae-Young Kim haeyoung@duke.edu

Clare You cbyou@uclink2.berkeley.edu