CE 281: Experimental Systems
Department of Civil and Environmental Engineering
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Henri Gavin, Ph.D., P.E., - Associate Professor

Spring 2009 Syllabus

Academic Integrity

CRC Engineering Handbooks On-Line: http://www.ENGnetBASE.com/
The Engineering Handbook, CRC Press, Richard C. Dorf, Editor
The Filters and Circuits Handbook, CRC Press, C.K. Chen, Editor
The Measurement, Instrumentation, and Sensors Handbook, CRC Press, John G. Webster, Editor
The Electrical Engineering Handbook, CRC Press, Richard C. Dorf, Editor
The Mechanical Engineering Handbook, CRC Press, Frank Kreith, Editor
Vibration Fundamentals and Practice, CRC Press, Clarence W. deSilva

Matlab Tutorials

On-Line Linear Systems Lab from Johns Hopkins University

Picture and Audio Description of a Circuit Bread-Board
Analog Devices Data Sheet: AD711 Op-Amp
Analog Devices Data Sheet: AD524 Instrumentation Amp

On-Line Statistics Lab from Rice University
Error Analysis Tutorials from the University of Michigan

Levenberg-Marquardt method: introduction and examples
Levenberg-Marquardt method: m-files
Methods for Non-linear Least Squares Problems 2nd ed, by: K. Madsen, H.B. Nielsen, O. Tingleff, Technical University of Denmark
Iterative Methods for Optimization
The Matlab Optimization Toolbox

Strain-Gage Technical Notes Vishay-Micromeasurements Inc.
Strain-Gage Application Notes Vishay-Micromeasurements Inc.
Load Cell Theory

Linear Variable Differential Transformer Principle of Operation
RDP electronics

Moog Servovalve Technical Information

Photoelasticity lab
Introduction to the Photo-Stress Method Vishay-Micromeasurements Inc.
Disk Calibration
Thick Ring, low load
Thick Ring, high load
Thin Ring, close-up
Thin Ring, full view
Linear Viscoelasticity

Digital Data Acquisition and Control in Matlab iodaq.m
Digital Data Acquisition and Control in C

Spectral Signal Processing Julios O. Smith III, Stanford University

Pete Avitabile on Modal Analysis
Structural Dynamic Vibrations Prof. B.J. Stone, University of Western Australia
Los Alamos Dynamics Summer School

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