A Partial List of On-Line Matlab Tutorials
Department of Civil and Environmental Engineering
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Henri P. Gavin, Ph.D., P.E., Associate Professor


Links to some Matlab tutorials

Some useful Matlab functions

mypolyfit.m polynomial fitting with arbitrary powers
cdiff.m central differences on a vector
abcddim.m check dimensions of LTI system matrices
lsym.m simulate the response of an LTI system
damp.m check the eigenvalues of an LTI dynamics matrix
mybode.m compute the frequency response function of an LTI system
ftdsp.m filtering, integration, and differentiation with the FFT
psd.m estimate power spectral density
tfe.m estimate the frequency response function from input/output data
ode4u.m A simple, constant step size ODE solver
ode45u.m Cash-Karp 4th-5th order adaptive step-size ODE solver

Links to some Matlab resources

Links to some Tutorials on Animations in Matlab

Links to some Simulink tutorials

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