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today's news:

medicine: Antibiotic resistance switched off
New genes weaken drug-defying bacteria in the lab

Seeing is a hearing aidbrain: Seeing is a hearing aid
The direction of our gaze affects what we hear 

Monday 19 March 2001
APS Special from Seattle:
Researchers have the bosanova blues
A technique that brings the quantum world up to everyday sizes has physicists scratching their heads.
Researchers have the bosanova blues
Friday 16 March 2001
technology: Cold chips shrink horizons
Miniature refrigerators chill microelectronics.
Cold chips shrink horizons
chemistry: NMR lifts lid on life inside cells
An old technique opens a new window into living cells.
NMR lifts lid on life inside cells
Thursday 15 March 2001
APS Special from Seattle:
New SQUIDS on the block
Super-sensitive magnetic detectors are finding new applications from aeronautics to pathology.

relics: Fall put leaves on trees
Leaves may have evolved in response to a massive drop in the amount of carbon dioxide in the atmosphere.

Fall put leaves on trees
brain: Some choose to lose memory
We can consciously block out bits of the past.
evolution:Hungry primates see red
A taste for red leaves may have given us full colour vision
Red: the colour of desire
Wednesday 14 March 2001
technology: Memories are made of glass
A new material brings the 3D compact disc closer.
brain: Shock tactics for new neurons
Electricity may trigger nerve growth 


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