Data Capture Practice Problems



Download the sample data set and load it.

Problem 1

At what time did the the fifth trial start?

Problem 2

What was the average of the payouts vector on the 500th trial?

Problem 3

Assign to a variable the value of the fourth cell of ev in the 400th element of data.

Problem 4

Capture in a vector the reaction times for all trials represented by data (field rt).

Problem 5

Capture in a cell array the event times for each trial (field evt). There should be one cell for each trial.

Problem 6

Capture in a matrix (one row for each trial) all payout values for all options in the experiment (field payouts). (Hint: vertcat.)

Challenge: Outlier removal

Make a variable containing the reaction times. Make a new vector containing only those reaction times that are within three standard deviations of the mean reaction time.