The Tung lab

Genes influence behavior; behavior influences genes.

The interplay between these effects is the focus of research in the Tung lab. Specifically, we are interested in how genetic differences and gene regulatory effects shape behavioral traits, and in the reciprocal influence of social and behavioral variation on genetic variation and genome function. To pursue these questions, we focus primarily on highly social populations of nonhuman primates, systems that are natural models for human health, sociality, and evolution.

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We are located at:

006 Biological Sciences

125 Science Drive

Durham, NC 27708

Office: 919-668-4912

Lab: 919-684-3910

Fax: 919-660-7348


We are hiring! Searching for a motivated lab technician to join our group. Interested? See the job post here.

Congratulations to Noah Snyder-Mackler, whose work on shared signatures of social stress and aging has just been accepted at Aging Cell!

Congratulations to Amanda Lea, recipient of a 2014 Summer Research Fellowship from the Duke Grad School to study socioecological effects on the epigenome in baboons!

Tung Lab 2013. Left to right: Madeleine Gonzalez (NCSSM student), Shauna Morrow (lab manager), Amanda Shaver (research tech), Amanda Lea (graduate student), Jenny Tung (PI), and Noah Snyder-Mackler (postdoctoral fellow)