Principal Investigator

Tobias Overath (CV)


Anthony Sali (with Tobias Egner)

Valeria Caruso (with Jenni Groh)

Graduate students

David Murphy (with Jenni Groh)

Graduate Research Assistant & Lab manager

Jackson Lee

Undergraduate students

Maddie Hsiang

Taylor Fistel

Yoshie Mizuguchi

Paul Dickinson

Lab alumni

Aurelio Falconi Undergraduate student

Matt Fecteau Lab manager; now with the Duke Track team

Paige Mihalsky, Lab manager / Research assistant; now attending Medical School at the University of Oklahoma

Joon Paik undergraduate and graduate research assistant; now preparing for Med/Grad School

Jade Wu, North Carolina School for Science and Mathematics Mentorship Program; now at the University of North Carolina - Chapel Hill

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