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Courses . . .

Duke University

POLSCI 428S (formerly POLSCI 328): International Conflict Resolution (syllabus)

POLSCI 233: Nuclear Weapons (syllabus)

POLSCI 630: Introduction to Emprical Approaches to Political Science (syllabus)

POLSCI 662S: Problems in International Politics (syllabus)

POLSCI 130D: Intro to Political Inquiry (syllabus)

POLSCI 760: Core in Security Peace and Conflict (syllabus)

Emory University

POLS 311: (syllabus)
International Conflict Resolution

POLS 585: (syllabus)
International Security

POLS 571: (syllabus)
Longitudinal Data Analysis

POLS 509: (syllabus)
The Linear Model

POLS 490: (syllabus)
The United Nations

POLS 490RSWR: (syllabus)
Nuclear Weapons

POLS 490S: (syllabus)
Interveners and Intermediaries in International Conflict

University of California at San Diego

PS 12: (syllabus)
Introduction to International Relations