Nice to meet you!

Welcome to the main hub of my web presence. I'm currently a graduate student at Duke University, studying physics under Warren Warren. On this page you'll find a wide variety of my work, here's a quick overview of things you may find interesting:

Academic Work

You can read up on the previous research projects I've been involved in. My publication list can also give you a quick overview of my work.

Cool Projects

I enjoy to tinker on my own as well. Most of these projects mix a hardware and software component, to make something that is interactive. Take a look at the Toblerone Clock for instance.

Programming Projects

I've worked in a variety of languages from MATLAB to Python to Mathematica. I host some of these results one this page, and others can be found around the web.

Get in touch

See those buttons over there? Go ahead and click one to get in touch with me online. If you don't see your preferred mechanism of communication, try my contact page for more.