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Welcome to Film Resources on the Web. This site has been providing access to internet resources for film research since 1/4/99. Some of these links could fit into several categories, but I have chosen to list sites only once (for the most part), under what I perceive to be the most appropiate heading. So, look around to make sure you don't miss anything. Primarily English language sites are listed here, with only a few exceptions. This page is updated three or four times a year and links are checked twice annually.

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DISCLAIMER: I have made a good faith effort to avoid copyright violations. If you feel I have linked to your site(s) without proper consideration, legal or otherwise, please let me know. The commercial sites listed here appear to be legitimate, but I have not used most of them and cannot vouch for them, so use them at your own risk. Film Resources on the Web is a creation of Ken Wetherington.

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