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World Cinema

National Cinemas A list from the University of Illinois at Urbana-Champaign.
African Films and Filmmakers
African Cinema and African Cinematic Representation
African Cinema in the Nineties
Arab Cinema
East and Southeast Asia: Cinema
3 Continents: Asia/Africa/Latin America
Oz Film Australian Films.
British Cinema Greats
British Films and Filmmakers
Canadians in the Movies
National Film Board of Canada
The Chinese Movie Database
A Chinese Cinema Page
Chinese Cinema
Czech Cinema
Finnish Film Foundation In Finnish and English.
The Finnish Film Archive
Stars of French Film
Guide to German Cinema
Hong Kong Movie Database
Hong Kong: Cinema
The Bollywood Movie Database Movies from India.
The Indian Movies Index
Screen India
A Better View of Indian Cinema
Cinema Iran
Iranian Cinema: Before the Revolution
Cinema Italia
Italian Cinema
Kinema Club Japanese Cinema
The Korean Film Page
Kurdish Cinema
Mexican, Caribbean, and Latin American Cinema
The Mexican Film Resourece Page
Russian and Soviet Cinema: Bibliography
Internet Resources on Russian Cinema
Soviet and East European Cinema
Taiwan: Cinema

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