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Kuzenski Central

Since the early 1990s, I've had a personal website, Kuzenski Central, full of dumb insikuzenski il magnificode jokes for my friends (1), some photographs, and assorted puerile gibberish that struck me as funny—and for years I did it in Notepad, putting HTML tags in by hand. 

Now I'm playing with other ways to do it.   This is a second trial run with "Kompozer," a nice freeware program based on "NVU."  The first try worked relatively well, I thought.   It's not modern, but it's quick and easy, and there's a windows version as well as versions for many linux distros.

I use linux at home; you should, too.  See why at  http://fedoraproject.org/    )

T this point it is perhaps worth recalling the observation that Jerome K. Jerome made in  Three Men in a Boat: "In the future, every person will be famous for fifteen minutes."  This prediction has proven to be only partially correct.  

But because of the visual web, because of blogs and personal websites like this one, we now live in a world in which every person will THINK he or she is famous for fifteen minutes.   [brief pause ...]     You're welcome.

1.)  I've been talking with a handful of friends, first on a Fidonet echo, now on a mailing list hosted by the lovely and talented Janitor, since 1991.  If you like rambling chat about computer hardware, the sorry state of the modern world, and deranged Arctic penguins, see http://www.opsyhopsy.com/   Be aware that you WILL have to perform the Monkey Ritual to join, though.)

Contact with the shadowy band of conspirators who manage the Kuzenski Central page is occasionally possible via email:  A^C^4^R^D^@mindspring^.com; make like a bunny rabbit and remove the carets to get the address.  This site is owned and operated by the Committee for the Ruthless Suppression of Billy Joel, Inc.