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"AC4RD: a legend that will last a lunchtime"



My name is Ken and I’ve been licensed as AC4RD since 1992. For a year before that, I was licensed as KD4EIP, as a Tech-Plus through Advanced.

I’m not very active in general—-I’ll play with the radio for a few months, then spend another year playing with other hobbies (guitars, photography) before I take the radio back up for a while.

Link here to my main page, “Kuzenski Central”: Main Page

I mostly like a bit of DXing on 30 through 10 meters. Around 240 countries worked so far, all with low power and simple homebuilt antennas. On CW it's 180, 130 countries on digital. I"m not much on chat or casual discussion, and I'm almost never found on local FM repeaters.

I commute a half-hour each way and like working from the car-- almost all phone though I do have a few countries on 20m CW worked from the car.

I enjoy working the occasional contest--those are always good chances to pick up a new country or two, and they can be a bunch of fun. Mostly CW & RTTY for contesting.

And I enjoy working CW but I'm on a medicine that gives me some muscle tremors. I just can't send clean code even with a keyer, so I'm having to use the memory buttons on my keyer for CW. Six stored memories is fine for DXing and contesting, but it doesn't let me do much in the way of casual chatting--SORRY!

I do upload contact data to Logbook of the World (LOTW) on the same "occasional" basis as my operating. And if you want a QSL direct, just let me know—you do not need to send a SASE.

I like working HF from my back yard, too. Homebrew paddles for the yard: *Build a beeper mousetrap!* ... and the text here is way out of date but it's still fun: AC4RD/lawnmower portable

My mailing address is "good in the book" (meaning, the callbook address for me is correct, so you can get it on QRZ or other sources.)

You can email me via my work account at ken dot kuzenski at duke dot edu, or generally at kenkuzenski at gmail dot com

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