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My name is Ken and I’ve been licensed as AC4RD since 1992. For a year before that, I was licensed as KD4EIP.

I’m not very active in general—-I’ll play with the radio for a few months, then spend another year playing with guitars and/or photography and/or my garden, before I take the radio back up for a while.

(The photo is my home setup from a few years ago; don't have a newer photo. I have a TS-480SAT at home, now, and that 706 is in my car.)

There's a link here to my main page, “Kuzenski Central”: Main Page Don't miss the page about Billy Joel. ;-)

I mostly like a bit of DXing, mostly on 30 through 10 meters. I'm approaching 200 countries worked so far, all with low power and simple wire antennas. I don't do much chatting on HF, and I'm almost never found on local FM repeaters.

I like PSK31 in particular, for casual operating, and I enjoy working the occasional RTTY and SSB contest--those are always good chances to pick up a new country or two. I don't work much CW these days, but plan to get active on CW again soon. (I've been planning that for years without doing it, but I'm sure I will get back on CW any year now.)

I do upload contact data to Logbook of the World (LOTW) on the same "occasional" basis as my operating. And if you want a QSL direct, just let me know—you do not need to send a SASE.

I've got an eqsl account but don't bother with it much. If you want/need me to upload QSO data to eqsl, email me (addresses below) to let me know--otherwise I might not get around to it for 6 months.

My mailing address is "good in the book" (meaning, the callbook address for me is correct, so you can get it on QRZ or other sources.)

You can email me via my work account at ken dot kuzenski at duke dot edu, or via ac4rd at yahoo dot com

The photo is my friend and mentor in the world of amateur radio, N9COX (on the left), and me at Dayton in 1993--taking a short break from Hara Arena.

I belong to the "070 Club" for PSK31 (my number is 297; if you like PSK31 you definitely SHOULD look into the 070 club) and I usually rejoin the local Raleigh ARS and the ARRL when I'm active on the radio.

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