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Association for India's Development (AID),  Hyderabad Chapter

Association for India's Development (AID) is an international volunteer organization that promotes the Gandhian ideal of “sustainable, equitable and just development.” AID’s philosophy is inspired by Gandhi’s “charkha” (wheel), which signifies constructive team-work. Dr. Leela Prasad is the faculty advisor of AID’s Duke chapter. AID-Hyderabad works with K-10 government English- and Telugu-medium schools in Hyderabad to provide education in science and math, an acute need given absentee teachers, absent curricula, and limited resources. AID-Hyderabad’s work centers on (a) creating and disseminating experiment-based science & math curricula and multi-media tools (b) developing material to broadcast through educational TV programs that will reach 3000 schools, and (c) collaborating with other NGOs such as Samyukta which conducts “Under The Tree” schools for children of slum-dwellers. 

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