Duke University

Civil and Environmental Engineering

Ph.D. Candidate

Office: FCIEMAS 2447A

Email: lel7@duke.edu

Phone: 919-660-8810


About Me

I am a Ph.D. candidate in Civil and Environmental Engineering at Duke University working with Professor Ana Barros. My specialization is in Hydrology and Fluid Dynamics. My research focuses on how changes in the spatial and temporal distribution of precipitation alter vegetation carbon uptake patterns, canopy structure and radiative properties, and surface energy fluxes.

My recent work investigated the role Tropical Cyclones (TCs) play in the Southeast US carbon budget. Specifically, through modeling experiments with a physically-based hydrology model (Duke Coupled Hydrology Model with Vegetation; DCHM-V) which includes coupled water and energy cycles and a biochemical representation of photosynthesis, I determined that 4 - 9% of annual carbon uptake can be attributed to TC precipitation.

The video below shows the evolution of gross primary productivity (GPP) over the course of the 2004 hurricane season as estimated by the DCHM-V. Active TC paths are marked in red, while inactive TCs are shown in gray.

My previous research focused on understanding the role regional climate plays in basin-scale erosion.