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Guide of Manu plants

Cocha Cashu Plant List (Excel File )
Fern Photographic Guide
Vascular Plant Photographic Guide

The Cocha Cashu data come from an unpublished checklist maintained by Robin Foster at the Field Museum of Natural History. The listed plants are just for the Biological Station, there is a complete Manu list, for more information contact Patricia Alvarez

The Fern Photographic Guide was developed in 2005, with pictures taken in Cocha Cashu by Patricia Alvarez Loayza (black background) and Harald Beck and Karina Ledesma (blue background). All the ferns were identified by Dr. Robin Moran, Curator of the New York Botanical Garden.

The Vascular Plant Photographic Guide was developed by Patricia Alvarez Loayza and C.E. Timothy Paine during 2003, 2004 and 2005. We include fruits, seeds, seedlings and adult plant pctures which can be searched by family. This is very much a work in progress. Thus far, we've only posted a small fraction of the photographs that we have available. Now, more than 650 species belonging to 103 families are available. Also, we plan to add a paragraph of descriptive text for each species.

Images may be downloaded or put to any non-commercial use. Please contact us for authorization before downloading large quantities of images. A physical copy of these images (3.2GB) is available as a DVD-ROM. Contact Patricia Alvarez for details.