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Energy Supply

The energy supply at Cocha Cashu is provided by solar panels, with three backup gas generators. Thus, it is important that your electrical equipment be equipped to handle a DC power source. For laptops you will need to bring an auto adapter (the kind that plugs into a cigarette lighter) that is suited to the power needs of your specific laptop (not higher or lower input power than that required by your laptop).
Check for some options.

In addition, please DO NOT bring invertors to change DC to AC power to charge batteries. They waste power and will not be allowed. Becasue batteries are already DC, it is an extra and unneccesary step. The only acceptable chargers are those with direct DC plugs, for example, the Accucell Quick Charger, which you can order at:

Frog climbing the DC power outlet located in the offices, beware that we do not have AC outlets.