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The station is managed under two regimes. During the period (usually January through June or July), when the number of resident investigators is small (<10), residents are on their own with respect to food and cooking. They have access to the station's well-equipped kitchen, but must arrange to purchase their own food in Cuzco. (Please note that in this context, well-equipped does NOT imply the availability of a refrigerator). Often the residents will organize a cooking rotation so that each individual is spared the job of cooking most days. The best way to assure yourself of fair and equal treatment in sharing the cost of food and the chore of cooking is to work out the details in advance with the other people present.

Approximately between July and December, a second regime is in force. During this period, a larger group of investigators is normally present (typically 15 to 25), and the station employs a full-time cook to prepare meals. All food is supplied by the station during this period, and individuals other than the cook are not allowed to use the kitchen for their own purposes, unless a special request has been made in advance and approved by the management.

Cocha Cashu "cuisine" consists mainly of combinations of rice or noodles with beans, tuna, tomato sauce, cheese, canned vegetables, spices and whatever fresh produce is in stock, such as potatoes, onion, garlic, carrots, beets, cabbage, etc. We also trade with our Machiguenga neighbors for manioc, bananas, avocados, papayas, hot peppers, and occasionally other produce.