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Dr. Terborgh tries to maintain a minimum of station rules in order to make the station a comfortable and relaxed home for its varied residents.  However, certain rules are required to successfully perpetuate the station's mission, for safety reasons, and to comply with Park regulations.  Residents are responsible for knowing and complying with these regulations.

  • Of primary concern is that the investigator should attempt to minimize disturbance to the environment during the course of his/her research. Animals and plants should be disturbed as little as possible and NO TRAILS SHOULD BE CUT, except with the express approval of the management.
  • It is station policy that all equipment be removed from the forest at the end of a research project. The station's staff is instructed to remove all unauthorized foreign material from the forest if an investigator neglects to do so.
  • Park regulations govern behavior towards particularly sensitive species, notably Giant Otters.  Rules are exhibited at park guard stations, and should be reviewed and followed.
  • If you are not a Peruvian citizen, please plan on abiding by the park rule requiring foreign investigators to hire at least one Peruvian assistant.
  • Residents are responsible for doing their own laundry. By park rules, it is not permitted to wash clothes in the lake.  Used water with any type of detergent must be disposed of in pits dug in the clearing for this purpose.
  • Be considerate of others working in the offices/lab, and keep noise down.
  • If you will be working far from camp, tell someone where you will be, in case we have to look for you.
  • Always ask permission of the management before appropriating tools for your own use, especially if you plan to take them away from the station clearing.
  • Do not leave garbage anywhere except in the garbage pit.
  • Always keep in your mind where you are and don't take unnecessary risks. If you do something foolish that creates an emergency, it will disrupt life for everyone at the station.
  • If you don't or can't use the latrine, go well off from the trail--at least 150m from the clearing and the lake--and bury toilet paper under the leaf litter.
Investigators resident at Cashu are obliged to contribute a small amount of their time to station upkeep. By contributing your time, you are helping keep the cost of running the station to a minimum. Here a few examples of situations that may require your effort/cooperation:
  • Unloading supplies from the boat and carrying them to the station (once every 2-3 months);
  • Keeping watch over group equipment in populated areas; sometimes in all-night rotations;
  • Aiding with firewood collection and food preparation at overnights during river travel;
  • Moving fuel cylinders (55 gal) from the boats to the storage shed at the top of the river bank;
  • Participation in a work rotation that requires sweeping the buildings, carrying out the of trash, and preparing desert for the group (September - December only);
  • Replacing the toilet paper in the latrine when you use the last.