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Cocha Cashu Biological Station mailing address:
Casilla Postal Nš 1196, Serpost Cuzco PERU


Instituto Nacional de Recursos Naturales - INRENA
Once you have arrived in Lima, you may need to pick up your permit at INRENA offices during your first day in town. The offices are open in the morning and afternoons. You will have to leave identification at the gate. Ask the attendant to direct you to the "Direccion de Areas Protegidas y Fauna Silvestre." If possible contact Jessica Espinoza before going. We strongly recommend you to send all your documents one month in advance and have somebody in Lima monitoring the permit for you.

Museo de Historia Natural
Avenida Arenales 1256, Lince, Lima


You can consult a list of hotels in Lima. We recommend:

Hostal Senorial: Jose Gonzales 567, Miraflores, Lima, Peru

Hostal El Tambo: Avenida La Paz 1276 - Miraflores Lima Perú


In Cuzco, you will have to visit both the local INRENA offices to pick up your PARK permit. The current director of the park is Biol. Angela Oroz, whose office is at Av. Oswaldo Baca 402, 1°etapa, Urb. Magisterio, Cusco; telephone (084) 240898; fax (084) 240898.  His office will prepare the set of documents you will need to pass the guard-post at the boundary of the park. These documents will be prepared on the strength of the authorization you received in Lima, which you will be asked to submit to the Cuzco office. We strongly advise that once you have received your authorization and associated receipts from the Cuzco office of INRENA, you make extra copies at one of the many photocopying services available in Cuzco.  You will need to leave copies of all paperwork with the various guard posts (usually 2) you pass on your trip through the park. With documents and receipts in hand, you are ready to enter the Manu National Park

Radio contact, familiar with Cocha Cashu frequency and time

  • Senor Alex Galindo,  Av. Tullumay 509, Cuzco, tel:+ 51 (84) 238219
       radio frequency 6490

Food supplies

  • Supermercado La Diagonal, Av. La Diagonal, Cuzco


Depending on your stipend, we recommend:

Hotel Monasterio, Calle Palacios, 136 Plazoleta Nazarenas, Cusco, Peru

Hostal Centenario Av. Centenario 689, Cusco, Peru

Qori Chaska, Nueva Alta 458, Cusco, Peru

Hospedaje Familiar Casa Grande, Santa Catalina Ancha 358, Cusco, Peru

Contacts: (note: omit the initial "0" if calling internationally)

  • Manu Nature Tours, Boris Gomez prop., Av. Pardo 1046, Cusco. Tel:
      084-252721 or 252526, fax: 084-234793.   or c/o   Monica Chavez Ortiz <>
  • Pantiacolla Tours (formerly Itahuania), Gustavo Moscoso prop., Plateros 360,
      Cusco. Tel: 084-238323, fax: 252696. Email:
  • Sr. Armando Carrasco, Marcavalle B-2, Cusco. Tel: 084-234254.
  • Sr. Willie Laurentz, C-17 Av. de la Cultura, Cusco. Tel: 084-226153