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The following is a basic list of supplies that you may need while staying at Cashu. The list is not exhaustive. For comfort and/or research you may want to bring additional items. 

  • Bring money to buy personal items (when somebody is coming from Cuzco) and to pay for your plane ticket. Check and credit card are usually not accepted, your ATM card is most likely to work.
  • Please DON'T bring invertors to change DC to AC power to charge batteries. They waste power and will not be allowed. The only acceptable chargers are those with direct DC plugs, for example, the Accucell Quick Charger, which you can order at:
  • A notebook auto adapter: with a input and output power not higher than the ones required by your notebook (
  • Tent: You will want a very durable tent with strong zippers. A larger tent (=> 4 person) is recommended for a longer stay. 

  • Tarp: For above tent, protects against falling branches that could rip tent. 
  • Bed. Most residents use a sleeping bag, often with a sheet as liner, though some prefer a blanket instead of a sleeping bag. Blankets can be purchased inexpensively in Cuzco.
  • Air mattress: more essential than you think (a good one is worth the extra expense). 
  • Day Pack and/or Hip Pack: very useful. 
  • Large backpack (and duffels): suitcases will get destroyed. 
  • Plastic Bags: The boat can be wet; trash bags for clothes, etc. 
  • Binoculars (7-8x for mammal projects; 10x for birds). The best are worth it if you can pay. 
  • Camera and film: slides preferred by most. Use ASA 64 for publications and well-lit scenes; ASA 200-400 for forest interior shots. 
  • Flash - very useful. Don't forget spare camera battery (and poss. spare UV filter). 
  • Telephoto lens: useful for photographing birds and monkeys. 
  • Watertight container: Army surplus ammo cans are useful (but bulky) to protect lenses and electronics from water. A watertight bag made of heavy plastic is an inexpensive substitute. 
  • Dryrite: Important. Calcium chloride pebbles to include with items being stored in watertight containers. Can be redried by heating. Essential if you bring a computer. 
  • Sweater or jacket: Sweaters are occasionally needed because the temperature can drop during "friajes" to 10 deg. C or less. 
  • Waterproof jacket/poncho: cheap ones tend to seep or leak. 
  • Pants: mostly or all cotton recommended. Many wear blue-jeans; some khaki field pants (3 prs. at least). Sweat pants are comfortable for around camp. 
  • Shirts: many wear T-shirts, but long-sleeve cotton shirts are recommended for work in the rainy season when mosquitoes and phlebotamus flies (carriers of Leishmaniasis) abound in the forest.
  • Footwear: do not skimp on this most crucial part of your clothing. Medium-heavy hiking boots are recommended for their snake-resistant qualities. In addition, you will need a pair of rubber boots (knee length) for the rainy season (October through May). Sneakers, sandals, etc. are not recommended for use in the forest or even around camp where venomous snakes occasionally turn up. 
  • Accessories: cotton underwear, socks, shorts are most comfortable. 
  • Bathing suit. 
  • Cap with visor: very important for the river trip to cut exposure to sun and glare. 
  • Towel: absorbent but fast-drying is best. 
  • Eyewear: bring spares of both glasses and contacts - remember, replacements cannot be obtained. 
  • Soap, Shampoo: You must bring biodegradable. (Dr. Bronner's Castile soap is good), also bring some for your Peruvian assistant since these products are not available in Peru.
  • Toothbrush, toothpaste 
  • Flashlight: Invest in a good one and maybe even a spare. 


The remoteness of Cashu requires investigators to think ahead and anticipate all equipment needs. There is no corner hardware store in the Manu.

Notebooks & writing implements
Wire and pliers for fastening things
Collecting equipment, vials, bags
Cloth, newspaper
Measuring tapes, rulers.

Eating utensils: The kitchen does not provide eating utensils. Residents are expected to bring a personal bowl, cup, spoon and Tupperware container (for keeping food overnight or for carrying lunch into the field). These items can easily be obtained in Cuzco.

Fishing supplies: Hooks, size 10-12 for baitfish, 6-8 for paco and corvina, #2 (long-shank) for piranha and mega-hooks (9/0) for river catfish (only available in Peru or along the Mississippi). Long-shanked hook or metal leaders needed for piranha; pole not necessary but adds to excitement. Fishline: 10-20 lb test for the lake; >100 lb test for the river. Bring => 30 m.