Course Description

Marketing & the Internet

Professor John M. McCann
Fuqua School of Business
Duke University
March 17, 1996

The information highway offers new business opportunities as it changes the ways a firm can interact with its employees, partners, and customers. Today’s version of this information highway is the Internet, which is expected to provide the foundation of the information highway for the remainder of this decade. The Internet is currently exploding in popularity due to the introduction of Netscape, a software tool for exploiting the Internet’s World Wide Web (WWW).

This course offers students:

Each student will produce assignments that will reside on the global World Wide Web, and thus be accessible from anywhere in the world. Grades will be based on several projects. The major projects requires student teams to prepare WWW-based presentations of ways that technologies such as the global Internet 1) will impact us, and 2) can be used by a firm of their choice, e.g., GM, Ford, Kraft, IBM, Nations Bank, or Joe’s Corner Grocery. Even if the firm already has a home page on the WWW, students may still use that firm as its target.

Student access to CMLE software from home is highly desirable. All necessary software will be provided by the Computer Education Center. No computing proficiency beyond that provided in the Individual Effectiveness course is assumed.

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