Matthew Kwit

University Program in Ecology

Duke University Durham, NC

What I Do

In order to test the effects of a warming climate on forest ecosystems I grow trees in chambers constructed to simulate the elevated temperatures of the next century. Effects of higher temperatures take time to accumulate so this experiment has run for several years and we must measure many attributes to develop a holistic picture of forest health. Measurements range from the simple, like height and diameter, which use a ruler, to the complicated like measurements of photosynthesis, which use infrared spectroscopy.


Who I Am

Currently, I am a Ph.D. candidate in Ecology at Duke University. I pride myself in the my diversified experience. Over the years I have worn many hats. I am trained as an ecologist, a geographer, and a physicist. I have held positions that range from zookeeper to chemical engineer, and have worked in environments as engineered as U.S. Steel in Gary, IN to working in the pristine landscape of Lake Superior Provincial Park in Northern Ontario.



My research is strongly quantitative. I build large Bayesian statistical models to interpret nature's patterns. Much of this research is dependent on the ability to communicate the results of analysis effectively. Take a look at my CV for more information.