Mark D. Rausher                (919) 684-2295 (Voice)
        Department of Biology        (919) 660-7293 (FAX)
        Box 90338                          mrausher@duke.edu
        Duke University
        Durham, NC  27708-0338

Former Students and Postdocs

   I.  Ph.D. Students

                Dissertation Topic: The cost of white flowers: Pleiotropy and the evolution of floral color.   

Current Position:  Staff Scientist, Applied Ecological Services 
                e-mail:  prairie@dswebnet.com 

                Dissertation Topic:     Genetic architecture of flower-color differences in Ipomoea
                Current Position:  Assistant Professor, Indiana University.
                e-mail:   mwh@indiana.edu

                Dissertation Topic:     Evolution of a disease-resistance polymorphism

                                                  Ipomoea purpurea.
                Current Position:  Research Scientist, Seminis Corp. 

                    Dissertation Topic:     Competition for pollinators and the evolution of mating systems.

                    Current Position:  Communicatoins Manager, National Evolutionary Synthesis Center
                    email: rsmith@nescent.org

                    Dissertation Topic:    Evolution of sex ratio in the andromonecious plant Solanum

Current Position: Lecturer (=Assistant Professor), University of Stirling, UK.
                    e-mail:  mario.vallejo@stir.ac.uk

                        Dissertation Topic:    Evolutionary fates of duplicated anthocyanin genes in morning glories

                    Current Position:  Postdoc, University of Texas
                    e-mail:  evodaveo@mail.utexas.edu

                        Dissertation Topic:    Reproductive character displacement in Phlox drummondii

                    Current Position:  Postdoc, Duke University

    II.  Postdoctoral Associates                                 Current Position:  Principal Investigator, Center for Plant Systematics and Evolution,
                                                                Institute of Botany, Chinese Academy of Sciences.
                                e-mail: yqlu@ns.ibcas.ac.cn

                                Current Position:  Associate Professor, Department of Biology and Wildlife,
                                                                University of Alaska

                              e-mail:  ffsew2@uaf.edu

                               Current Position:  Assistant Professor, Department of Biology, University of Oregon

                              e-mail:  mstreis@uoregon.edu
                              Current Position:  Assistant Professor, Department of Plant Biology, NC State University
                               e-mail: marc_johnson@ncsu.edu

                                                      Current Position: Assistant Professor, School of Biological Sciences, University of Nebraska 

                               e-mail:  (sdsmith@unl.edu)
                              Current Position:  Research Scientist, South China Botanical Garden, CAS
                               e-mail:  mingkang@scib.ac.cn